Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Host Town Program

Inclusive together – Germany’s largest inclusion movement

Berlin is where the music will be played in June 2023, but the orchestra will come from all over the country. The Host Town Program is a unique project that will welcome international athletes to the 2023 Special Olympics World Games.
216 Host Towns, 216 communal projects have been selected to welcome delegations from all over the world - from 6 to 400 members - to Germany. The largest communal inclusion project in Germany’s history will create a new sense of togetherness while opening up space for encounters far beyond the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.

The picture shows athletes celebrating and dancing.
A celebration for everyone

The whole of Germany will play a role in hosting the largest inclusive sporting event in the world. The Host Towns will organize a four-day stay, from 12 - 15 June, that will highlight what their individual community has to offer. This could include a welcome party on the town hall square, joint sports activities, or excursions to places of interest; whatever special experiences the town would like to share with the visiting delegation.
 The photo shows an athlete forming a heart with her fingers.
Sustainably inclusive

The Host Towns will also encourage greater participation and recognition of people with disabilities. First and foremost, local concepts for the inclusive projects were key to the selection of Host Towns. Because even after the Games in Berlin, the fire of inclusion should not be extinguished. The sustainable networks and partnerships that have been created between local players should last well beyond the Games. With the long-term goal of making people with intellectual disabilities more visible in sports and society. And where it counts: in their home country.
I am very much looking forward to meeting people from other countries and cultures. At the same time, I also want to show my home country to our guests from all over the world.
Stefanie Wiegel
athlete spokeswoman for Special Olympics NRW/Germany
The photo shows project manager Jennifer Schröder, athlete Godfred Winnersbach and Susanne Jahn, staff member of the Bremen state association.
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The photo shows athletes celebrating and dancing exuberantly.
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The photo shows a man and a woman dancing together and spinning in a circle.
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The photo shows an athlete forming a heart with her hands.
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