Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023
During the Champions Gala, which took place on 3 December with 1,200 invited guests, our athletes had the honor of handing over the coveted trophies to Berlin's sports people of the year and to present the Special Olympics movement.
On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, we spoke to Saurabh Mishra and Larry Boateng to find out more about the volunteer program, their daily motivation and – who would have thought – finding the love of your life.
01 December 2022, 11:15
Tickets for the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 are now on sale. Secure your place at the grand Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium and increase the anticipation for the sporting competitions with your tickets.
08 November 2022, 18:15
Team Special Olympics Germany (Team SOD) is ready: 414 athletes will compete for medals and successes at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, athletes from fifteen states will participate in 25 of a total of 26 sports for Germany.
25 October 2022, 10:08
Our Special Olympics swimmers experienced something special: they competed in a joint relay with the stars of the scene at the FINA World Cup in Berlin – an important sign for inclusion and equality.