Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Special medal moments with uncontainable joy

Athletes waving their hands to audience after award ceremony

The Special Olympics World Games award ceremonies are among the most emotional moments of the Games. They are the moments that many of our athletes have dreamed of for a long time and there are cheers, cries of joy and tears of happiness.

The chairs and benches for the audience in the Sommergarten are completely occupied when the award ceremonies begin on stage.

The Games song "Are You Ready" by Madcon is played and the athletes from all over the world are greeted with big cheers by the teams, families and spectators when they come on stage.

The Sommergarten of Messe Berlin is one of several locations where the athletes are awarded for their great performances.

Gold, silver and bronze medals as well as ribbons for the other participants are presented. After the ceremony, the joy on and in front of the stage knows no bounds.

Annabelle, an athlete waving her hands to the audience at award  ceremony

Arms are raised in the air, people cheer, hug each other and stamp their feet.

Sometimes tears run down the faces. They are mainly tears of joy – for the athletes and also for the audience.

Annabelle Tschech-Löffler is experiencing these special moments for the first time. At 13 years old, she is the youngest athlete in the German team.

In gymnastics-artistic, Annabelle has won a bronze medal and several placings. "This is so nice," she says immediately after the award ceremony and is quite touched.

Her two sisters, her brother and her parents, who accompanied her to Berlin, are delighted with her.

Annabelle showing her medal to family and friends

"She has been training for four years and we are very proud of her," say her parents Mary and Markus Tschech-Löffler.

Because of an illness, she had to take a little break in between and has only been able to train properly again since February of this year, says Markus. "That's why it's so great that it worked out with a medal."

Congratulations to Annabelle and to all the other participants of the Special Olympics World Games, who are definitely all winners.

 Wai from Hong Kong celebrating the  very first gold medal  of the special olympics world games 2023 with big smile on her face.
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Victory ceremony presenting four athletes from Italy, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and Cayman islands celebrating their respective victories in the swimming competition
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Athletes celebrating after Judo Award Ceremony SOWG Berlin2023
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In the photo is Annika Meissner, track and field athlete from TeamSOD, smiling with a silver medal in her hands.
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The photo shows a rhythmic gymnastics athlete with her medal in hand. She smiles into the camera.
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In the photo you can see Timothy Morahan taking 1st place in 5000m F-Final Plus. He looks very happy.
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The photo shows a cheering scene during the award ceremony at the open water swimming. Everyone looks happy and has their arms raised in the air.
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The photo shows Kai-Jürgen Pönisch of TeamSOD after receiving his gold medal in open water swimming. He has raised his arms and is cheering with a smile.
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