Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Successful Games and responsibility for everyday life

In the photo, two opposing players are high-fiving over the badminton net.
24.06.22, Berlin, Brandenburger Tor, Abschlussfeier Im Bild: Abschlussfeier am Brandenburger Tor Foto © Sarah Rauch / LOC
Marvin Ibo Guengoer

With a brilliant fireworks display in the Berlin summer sky and the extinguishing of the flame, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 came to a glorious close last Sunday. It was the end of the Games, but by no means the finale in terms of what needs to be done for inclusion.

The atmosphere was electrifying from start to finish. The enthusiasm and energy of the athletes, the support of the spectators, and the incomparable atmosphere made Berlin 2023 a truly magical experience.

There was cheering and celebrating, sometimes crying when a game was lost, consoling and celebrating, making friends all over the world.

A basketball laying on the blue court with players in the background
A ball lays on the pitch Basketball Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, 20.06.2023 Photo: LOC/Marvin Ibo Güngör
Marvin Ibo Güngör/LOC/Marvin Ibo Güngör

Celebrities from politics, sports and entertainment were also well represented on site. The Games in Berlin were the expected highlight. They brought many people across the country and around the world closer to what is possible on the path to more inclusion.

How to be more inclusive was not only talked about during the days in Berlin, it was actually lived. So much for the topicality.

Now, however, everyday life begins. In the coming weeks, months, even years, it will become clear whether the Games will make a decisive difference in society beyond the nine days in Berlin.

There are good signs of hope. Special Olympics has become known to many more people than before through the Games, not only in Berlin, but throughout Germany.

Player celebrating his moment at Judo competition special Olympics
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A girls hodling Table tennis racket , identity card and hand towel on her left hand where in her right hand is clenched and showing to the camera
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The photo shows athletes and volunteers in a line. Among them are three young men of a German team. All persons are laughing.
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SO Serbia beach volleyball player jumps high to return a shot as his team mates look on during the men's/mixed unified sports team competition against SO Germany.
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in this picture a girl is wearing yellow color leotard while peforming her Stunt where as her right hand is showing towards crowd and her left hand is facing up
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The photo shows the cheering crowd with arms raised at the closing ceremony of the World Games in Berlin. An orchestra is playing on the stage.
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The photo shows a Spanish swimmer at the finish of the pool. She is holding onto the starting block with one hand while cheering with the other. She looks very happy doing this!
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The photo shows an athlete doing powerlifting. He looks concentrated.
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In addition to the actual Games, there were important initiatives, such as the Host Town Program. As part of this program, inclusion projects and sustainable networks were established throughout Germany.

For Christiane Krajewski, President of Special Olympics Germany, this is a particularly pleasing development. She repeatedly highlights the fact that only eight percent of people with intellectual disabilities take part in sports because there is too little access.

The truly successful, atmospheric and impressive Special Olympics World Games in Berlin are an ideal instrument to make a difference in society and to give Special Olympics and the entire inclusion in Germany a necessary boost.

The impact of the major event on society will only become apparent in the coming months and years, but the foundation has undoubtedly been laid. The task now is to carry the momentum of the Games into everyday life. The chances for lasting change are bright, but we need to take them. Together.


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