Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Thank you so much! The Berlin 2023 Games are over

The photo shows a girl in a crowd. She is forming a heart with her hands to the camera and is laughing.
Anna Spindelndreier

We are overwhelmed! The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 were full of emotions, high-class sports and exuberant parties. Everyone experienced their own personal highlights and gained unforgettable experiences. Let us reminisce together.

On the eighth and last day of competitions, our athletes were once again in action in five sports and gave their best until the end.

The last award ceremonies followed before everyone spent the evening dancing, singing and celebrating together at the Closing Ceremony at the Brandenburger Tor.

Korean athlete from Power lifting field Special Olympics World Games 2023
Hyeongrak KIM of Korea celebrates Powerlifting / Kraftdreikampf Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, 24.06.2023 Photo: LOC/Marvin Ibo Güngör
Marvin Ibo Güngör/LOC/Marvin Ibo Güngör

But not only all the athletes gave their full commitment, but also all the people who helped in the background and made this great event possible in the first place.

We especially thank the irreplaceable volunteers, sports officials, visitors and simply everyone who was part of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023!

To underline what everyone has achieved together, here are a few facts and figures:

  • 6,500 athletes
  • 18,000 volunteers from 126 countries
  • 9,000 family members
  • 3,000 coaches and support staff
  • 100,000 tickets sold for the competitions
  • 15,000 Healthy Athletes® screenings
  • 4002 medals (1st-3rd place), 6,670 ribbons (4th-8th place)
  • 71 translators for Plain Language
  • 1,100 referees

All this and more made this unique experience possible for everyone, but especially for our athletes.

The photo shows the athletes party. A stage is set up in front of the Brandenburg Gate and a large crowd is gathered around it.
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Athlete Celebrating at Fussball field after the match
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The photo shows the cheering crowd with arms raised at the closing ceremony of the World Games in Berlin. An orchestra is playing on the stage.
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Mongolian female athlete wearing white jersey is getting into position while her teammate is serving the volleyball
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The photo shows four people in front of the Brandenburg Gate, including team members of the German delegation. They are laughing and giving a thumbs up to the camera.
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Belgium male athlete wearing the white jersey is celebrating with the crowd as the crowd cheers
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The photo shows celebrating men in front of the stage of the athletes' party. A man with an Egyptian flag in his hand sits on the shoulders of another man.
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USA female athlete Loretta Claiborne wearing white jersey in action
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Annabelle, an athlete hugging after award ceremony
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On the picture you can see a male futsal team smiling.
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The final party

At the very end we want to emphasize one thing: No one celebrates as well as we do – unbeatable together! First at the Opening Ceremony in the Olympiastadion, then at the Athletes' Party. And today at the Closing Ceremony, the great atmosphere was topped once again.

A total of 21,000 people celebrated exuberantly and full of joy, whether during the performance of Snap!, while dancing to the Games Song "Are You Ready" or while cheering the closing fireworks – the emotions boiled over and everyone was in each other's arms at the end.

We hope that many longlasting friendships were made and that we will all meet again sometime. Until then: get home safely and once again a big THANK YOU ALL!

The photo shows the fireworks over the Brandenburg Gate at the end of the Closing Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.
Marvin Ibo Guengoer

Of course, we don't want to deprive you of the highlights of the last competition day. So, sit back once again and enjoy:

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#Berlin2023: Day 8


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