Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 are the world's largest inclusive sports event. Thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities compete together in 26 sports. Nine days of exciting and inspiring competitions, by athletes and for athletes.

Through the power of sport and the emotions of the athletes, Special Olympics and its programs contribute to positively influencing the everyday lives of people with intellectual disabilities. With the overarching goal of social change, our partners help promote acceptance and inclusion, ensure accessibility and healthcare, and shape attitudes and mindsets.

True to our motto #UnbeatableTogether, we are delighted to have such strong support from many well-known sponsors who are fully committed to driving forward our plans for a more inclusive society, always putting our athletes at the center.

The picture shows a group of people at the torch relay. Paralympics athlete Mathias Mester is running in the foreground. He holds a torch in his hand and smiles. Behind him run many people carrying a banner and flags.
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The photo shows various sponsor booths as part of the Special Olympics Festival. In the foreground you can see a Toyota stand, behind it is a truck advertising CocaCola zero Sugar. There are many people walking around.
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The photo shows a female swimmer in the pool during the competition. She is competing in the backstroke.
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The photo shows two men playing beach volleyball. One is just accepting a ball and is squatting. The other is standing behind and looking at the ball. He is wearing sunglasses. In the background you can see many sponsor banners hanging on the fence.
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The photo shows athletes at the award ceremony in horse riding. A man congratulates each athlete.
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In the photo you can see the competition place of the powerlifting competition. 8 people are sitting at tables. Among them are Kronos officials and the competition management. On the stage you can see judges and athletes getting ready. Volunteers are standing on the right.
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On the photo you can see four people. In the foreground there are two girls and a young man holding each other by the shoulders and doing a polonaise. They are smiling.
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The photo shows an action scene during a beach volleyball match at the National Games.
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The photo shows the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate. You can see a stage and many sponsor banners.
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The photo shows athlete Anna Wyrzgol from Special Olympics Lower Saxony. She is happy, raises her arms and smiles at the camera.
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On the photo you can see four players of the LH Volleys from Braunschweig high-fiving each other playing beach volleyball. In the background you can see numerous sponsor banners.
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Logo CocaCola
Premium Partner

"We are proud to be part of the worldwide Special Olympics movement as a founder and global partner. We are united by the vision of an inclusive society, with which we also actively promote integration and acceptance in Germany."
Barbara Körner
Managing Director Coca-Cola GmbH
Logo REWE Quote Modul
Premium Partner

“The commitment fits perfectly with our corporate culture, which is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation of every individual and actively promotes acceptance and inclusion.”
Lionel Souque
Chairman of the Board REWE
Logo Telekom
Premium Partner

"Social responsibility and social commitment are part of our DNA. We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity through numerous measures. This commitment is therefore a matter close to our hearts."
Birgit Bohle
Chief HR Officer of Deutsche Telekom AG
Logo Toyota
Premium Partner

"Toyota supports the World Games in line with our goal of "Mobility for All". In addition, we would like to actively promote inclusion in Germany and through volunteering become an even more diverse company."
Andre Schmidt
President Toyota Germany

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