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17-25 June 2023

Unified Sports®

Unified Sports® is a competitive approach in which individuals with and without intellectual disabilities compete together in a sport.

The so-called Unified partners are people without intellectual disabilities who form a team with athletes with intellectual disabilities. The teams are made up of people of similar ages and abilities to make training and competition more exciting.

Know your facts:

  • More than 1.4 million people worldwide participate in Unified Sports® offerings
  • 16 Unified Sports will be held in Berlin
  • A total of 871 Unified partners are participating in the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

In Unified Sports®, clichés are broken down in a playful way, which is basically possible in almost all sports.

We asked our colleague Andrea Standecker how exactly this works and much more:


The photo shows a very joyful scene of a handball team after they won the match. They are jumping in a celebration circle together.
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The photo shows two male athletes holding a bowling ball and smiling.
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The photo shows an action scene during a beach volleyball match. In the background are many people on full ranks.
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The photo shows a game scene in unified basketball. One player is about to throw and another is trying to block him.
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On the photo, there are three football players during a match. One of them is kicking the ball while the other two are her opponents.
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The photo shows a sailing boat with two people on it. It is a Unified Sports team consisting of one athlete and one Unified Partner.
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In the photo there is a female athlete playing bocce. She looks concentrated but slightly smiling and wears a gray sweater with the logo of the National Games.
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Unified Sports® at #Berlin2023

The following sports will be hosted as Unified Sports® at the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023:


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More information

You want to know more about Unified Sports® at the Games in Berlin? Then we have just the thing for you with our brochure:



Learn more about Unified Sports® with the SOEE (Special Olympics Europe Eurasia) video series.

All 5 episodes will be available on the SOEE YouTube account soon.
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