Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Know your facts:

  • Futsal has been a sport at Special Olympics World Games since 2019
  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 251 athletes + 99 Unified partners

Futsal is the little brother of football, normally played indoors, but Special Olympics Futsal is played on grass. Controlling the ball well is the key to success on the small field. This fast and exciting sport is played all over the world.


Futsal differs from 11-on-11 soccer as follows:

  • Each team has five players.
  • The field is similar in size to a basketball court.
  • The ball is smaller than in football and bounces less.
  • There are an unlimited number of substitutions and two 20-minute halves. Each team has one timeout per half.
  • Goalkeepers may not touch the ball with their hands when returning it, regardless of what part of their body they used.

We have three competitions:

  1. Team Competition - Women
  2. Team Competition - Men
  3. Unified Sports Team Competition - Men

By the way:

Futsal originated in Uruguay in 1930.

The futsal competitions are ticketed.


"Fans in the Stands" groups can visit the futsal competitions.

The photo shows an outdoor Futsal court and a playing scene with four players.
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The photo shows a scene during a Futsal match. One player shot the ball and the goalie is moving towards it in order to save it.
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The photo shows a futsal player with the ball.
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A photo of an outdoor Futsal pitch with some players in the distance.
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Futsal takes place at August-Bier-Plätze on the grounds of Olympiapark.