Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


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1. Information about the Games

The Special Olympics are the world’s largest sporting event

  • for people with ID.
  • for people with multiple disabilities.

In 2023, Berlin will host the Special Olympics World Games.

More than 7 thousand athletes

from all over the world will come to Berlin.

They will compete in 26 sports.

For example, in golf and powerlifting.


And there will be many Unified Sports® competitions.

In Unified Sports®, people with and

and without disabilities compete together.

They have equal partnerships and they learn from each other.


We want to achieve different goals with the World Games.

For example:

We want to have more inclusion in Germany and around the globe.

Inclusion means:

Everybody is respected and accepted.

Everybody has the same rights.


We want people with ID to be more accepted.

We want to show:

People with ID can do many things.

And they can be coaches or leaders.


And we want people with ID to get access

  • to education
  • to work
  • to health care
  • to sports

Our claim and logo

The claim of the World Games is:

Unbeatable together.

This means:

Together we can achieve anything we want.

Nobody can stop us.


We invented the claim with our athletes.

We write it this way:



our logo

We created the logo with our athletes.


These were our thoughts:

  • All people are different.

    We want to show that through the different colours.

  • We asked our athletes:

    When you think of the World Games,

    how do you feel?

    what do you think?

    They answered:

    We are happy.

    We are proud.

    We are excited.

    We wanted the logo to represent these emotions and feelings.

  • The World Games take place in Berlin.

    So, the logo should contain symbols of Berlin.

    For example, the television tower or the Berlin Bear.

2. Updates

In this part you find the latest information about the Games.

Visit our website regularly.

Then you are always up to date.

25 October 2022

Our Special Olympics swimmers experienced something special:

they swam in a Unified relay with the stars at the World Cup in Berlin.
Just 250 days to go

10 October 2022

In just 250 days we celebrate the Opening Ceremony together in Berlin!
216 Host Towns selected

26 January 2022

Prior to the Games, 216 places in Germany host the delegations from around the world.
Our claim is here

14 December 2021

It is: #UnbeatableTogether.

4. Get Involved


We are looking for volunteers for the World Games Berlin 2023

As a volunteer you have different tasks.

For example:

  • You help the athletes.
  • You help visitors with questions.
  • You help at the competitions.
  • You help organizing items.

Volunteers do not get paid for their work.

But they get to know many people from all over the world.

They gain knowledge and experience.

And they help at an important event.


Do you want to apply?

Then click here:



Do you need support?

Then write us to:

5. Contact

Do you have questions?

Do you want more information?


Then give us a call.

Our phone number is:

00 49 30 629 33 600


You can also send us an email.

Our email adress is: