Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Since 1995, sailing has been part of the Special Olympics World Games.


The athletes sit in small boats.

The boats have a sail.

The boats are propelled by the wind.

The athletes have to steer the boat in a specific way

so that it gets a lot of wind.

The photo shows an athlete during a sailing competition.
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The photo shows two athletes on a sailing boat, who give each other a high five.
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The photo shows a dynamic scene of a sailing competition. The boat with two athletes lies diagonally in the water.
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The photo shows a sailing boat with two people on it. It is a Unified Sports team consisting of one athlete and one Unified Partner.
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A picturesque image of a sailboat on the water and against a blue sky.
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Unified Sports®

In Unified Sports®, people with ID and

people without disabilities play sport together.

They also compete together.

The people with ID are called athletes.

The people without disabilities are called partners.


Is sailing a Unified Sport?


There are teams of people with ID.

And there are teams of people with ID and people without disabilities.


How many people do sailing at the World Games?

32 athletes and 25 partners.


Sailing takes place at Wannsee.

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