Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Since 2003, judo has been part of the Special Olympics World Games.


There are always 2 athletes who compete against each other.

The athletes are called judoka.

The aim is to throw the opponent on the back.

There are 3 categories in Special Olympics:

  • height
  • weight
  • abilities

Athletes are divided according to these 3 categories.

Only athletes compete against each other,

  • who are about the same height.
  • who are about the same weight.
  • who have similar abilities.

How many people do judo at the World Games?

125 athletes.

On the photo, there are two athletes during a Judo competition.
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The photo shows a Judo competition, in which two athletes are circleing around each other.
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The photo shows an action scene during a judo competition. In the background is the referee.
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The photo shows a judo athlete lying in the arms of her friend and crying with joy.
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The photo shows a judo fight of two male athletes. In the background are full stands.
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Messe Berlin

Judo takes place at Messe Berlin in Hall 5.2b.

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