Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Since 1987, cycling has been part

of the Special Olympics World Games.


In cycling, athletes ride a certain distance.

For example, 500 metres or 500 kilometres.

The judges measure how long it takes the athletes to cover the distance.


Who wins the race?

The athlete who completes the course in the quickest time taken.


How many people do cycling at the World Games?

197 athletes.

The photo shows a bunch of cyclist during a competition.
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The photo shows two cyclists during competition. Both wear sunglasses and professsional gear as well as helmets.
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The photo shows a cyclist out of competition. She is still wearing her helmet and smiles while raising her thumbs up.
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The photo shows a cyclist during competition. She wear professional gear and a helmet and looks very concentrated.
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The photo shows a male cyclist during a race.
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The photo is taken from below and shows a cyclist on his bike during competition.
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City Cluster

Cycling takes place at Straße des 17. Juni

in the City Cluster.

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