Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Since 1991, Gymnastics-Rhythmic has been part

of the Special Olympics World Games.


Gymnastics-Rhythmic combine

  • ballet
  • gymnastics and
  • dance.

The athletes do different exercises.

They have different pieces of equipment.

For example, ropes, balls and ribbons.

The judges check

  • whether the athlete has done the exercise well.
  • whether the athlete has done the exercises correctly.

And they assign points to every athlete.


Who wins the competition?

The athlete with the most points.


How many people do Gymnastics-Rhythmic at the World Games?

129 athletes.

A photo of a female athlete during her Gymnastics-Rhythmic competition.
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The photo shows an athletes with a hoop during her Gymnastics-Rhythmic competition.
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The photo shows athletes hugging each other.
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The photo shows an athlete doing rhythmic gymnastics with a rope. She radiates joy and has both arms raised.
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The photo shows an athlete during her Gymnastics-Rhythmic routine. She uses green clubs.
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Messe Berlin

Gymnastics-Rhythmic takes place at Messe Berlin

in the CityCube Level B.

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