Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Know your facts:

  • Basketball has been a sport at Special Olympics World Games since 1968
  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 424 athletes + 136 Unified Partners

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Special Olympics Unified Sports.

Special Olympics feature:

Three athletes* and two Unified Partners play together on the court. The baskets are hung at a height of 3.05 meters according to FIBA rules. The playing time in the final competitions is two 10 minute halves.

We have four disciplines:

  1. Team competition - Women
  2. Team competition - Men/Mixed
  3. Unified Sports Team Competition - Women
  4. Unified Sports Team Competition - Men/Mixed

By the way:

In the beginning, basketball was played with a soccer and a basket used to collect peaches. The referees had to take the ball out of the baskets every time the players scored.

The photo shows a scene during a Basketball match. The player holds the ball and is on his way towards the hoop.
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A Basketball player tries to score during a match.
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The photo shows a female player who holds the ball and who is playing against two male players.
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The photo shows a very dynamic scene of a Basketball match in which one player is trying to score while two defenders try to prevent this from happening.
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Two Basketball players give each other a fist bump during a match.
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The photo shows a full court perspective of a match scene in basketball.
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On the photo, there is a Basketball player who dribbles towards the basket.
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The photo shows a Basketball court during a match with three players.
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Basketball takes place on the grounds of Messe Berlin in the Halls 21-23.