Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Know your facts:

  • Bowling has been a sport at Special Olympics World Games since 1975
  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 221 athletes + 59 Unified partners

Bowling consists of one bowling ball and 10 pins with 12 throws per player. The dream of bowlers is to knock down all 10 pins on each of the 12 throws.

Special Olympics feature:

In Special Olympics bowling, athletes can also use a bowling ball ramp.


We have 5 disciplines :

  1. Singles
  2. Doubles
  3. Team (four people)
  4. Unified Doubles
  5. Unified Team (four people)

By the way:

Bowling is not considered an Olympic sport, but it is one of the most popular sports in the world of Special Olympics.

The bowling competitions are due to lack of space closed to spectators.


"Fans in the Stands" groups can unfortunately not visit the bowling competitions.

The photo shows a bowling alley and two players in action.
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A bowling player is in action and visible from behind.
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On the photo, there is a male bowling player, smiling in the camera. In the background is the bowling alley.
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The photo shows a Bowling player during competition.
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The photo shows two male athletes holding a bowling ball and smiling.
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The photo shows a Bowling player in action.
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The photo shows two athletes at the bowling competition in Abu Dhabi. In addition, many colorful bowling balls can be seen.
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The photo shows a Bowling player in action.
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Two Bowling player shake hands during competition.
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Bowling takes place at Bowling World.