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17-25 June 2023

Basketball 3x3

Know your facts:

  • Basketball 3x3 has been a sport at Special Olympics World Games since 2023
  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 127 + 33 Unified partners

What is special about basketball 3x3? Both teams play on one side of the court and with one basket. The shot clock is limited to 12 seconds, which makes for a fast and exciting game. The game lasts 10 minutes or until one team scores 21 points.

Special Olympics feature:

A team consists of five players, three of which are on court. A unified team is composed of three athletes and two Unified partners.


We have two competitions:

  1. Team Competition 3x3 - Women
  2. Unified Sports Team Competition 3x3 - Men/Mixed

By the way:

The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 will be the first World Games where 3x3 basketball is on the program.

The basketball 3x3 competitions are free to enter.


"Fans in the Stands" groups can visit the basketball 3x3 competitions.

A group of 3x3 Basketball players are standing on the side of the court, all happy about their medals.
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The photo shows a scene of a Unified Sports 3x3 Basketball competition. Two players are interacting friendly.
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The photo shows a group of 3x3 Basketball players on court.
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Some 3x3 Basketball players are clapping their hands before their match starts.
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The photo shows a 3x3 Basketball pitch outside, with two teams preparing for competition.
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The photo shows a basketball hoop with blue sky in the background.
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Basketball 3x3 takes place next to Neptunbrunnen in the City Cluster.