Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023


Know your facts:

  • Judo has been a sport at Special Olympics World Games since 2003
  • Unified Sports? No
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 148

The goal in judo is to throw your opponent on their back. What sounds simple requires a lot of technique and steadiness. In the standing position, this is accomplished by a judoka disturbing the opponent's balance and applying a throwing technique. On the ground, a judoka can hold the opponent with different techniques for a certain time or force the surrender.


Special Olympics feature:

At Special Olympics, judokas are divided not only by weight and gender, but also by their abilities. Our rules and techniques are specially adapted to ensure the safety and fun of the participants. For example, so-called armlocks and strangle holds are excluded.


We have two competitions:

  1. Individual competition - Women
  2. Individual competition - Men

By the way:

The word Judo, which comes from Japan, translates to "the gentle way".

The judo competitions are ticketed.


"Fans in the Stands" groups can visit the handball competitions.

The photo shows two athletes while competing in judo.
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On the photo, there are two athletes during a Judo competition.
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The photo shows a Judo competition, in which two athletes are circleing around each other.
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The photo shows an action scene during a judo competition. In the background is the referee.
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The photo shows a judo athlete lying in the arms of her friend and crying with joy.
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On the photo you see two male judoka who compete together. The one lies on his back and the other one is pushing him down to the ground. In the background you see further judoka who compete together and practice.
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Judo takes place on the grounds of Messe Berlin in Hall 5.2b.