Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Fans in the Stands – Organizations

Our Fans in the Stands create an atmosphere that helps our athletes reach new heights.
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How does it work?

  • Gather colleagues, teammates, or community members to build a group of 10 or more people. 
  • One person - the Team Captain - registers your group for Fans in the Stands and together we will find the fitting competition for you to watch and support. 
  • Team members of every age are warmly welcome. 
  • The Team Captain will be the main point of contact between your fan team and us and will receive all relevant information for your visit leading up to the Games. 
On the photo, there is a group of people cheering in the stands at a Special Olympics event.
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The photo shows an action scene during a beach volleyball match. In the background are many people on full ranks.
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The photo shows a fan in the crowd with both arms raised and sticking out of the crowd.
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The photo shows a group of different people clapping and cheering.
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The photo shows an action scene during a Handball match at a Special Olympics competition. In the background are full stands.
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The photo shows a huge crowd of people. Everyone is cheering in the direction of a large stage.
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The photo shows five runners* competing. They are running and are cheered by numerous fans.
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Additional information

When registering, you can choose a sport and a day which you would prefer to visit. But we cannot guarantee the availability of the sports automatically. Our team will get back to you after your registration and confirm or rearrange your visit slot.

Please note: A fan team can just visit the Games for free once. Different teams from the same organization (e.g., the women's soccer team and the men's soccer team from the same sport club) are allowed to visit respectively (also on different days).
If you would like to visit the Games on more than one day, we therefore kindly ask you to purchase tickets in our ticketshop.

Registration deadline: 14 May 2023

What are the benefits?

  • Free entry to one competition of your choice 

  • Access to our digital learning platform: videos, presentations, and quizzes about inclusion  

  • Visit the Activity Zone, our accessible sports offers for everyone
    (only in combination with the visit of a sport on the Messe grounds)

  • Free tickets for the public transport in Berlin (just for the one day of your visit, for all group members) 

Our offers for you

Families and friends discount

You want to visit us more than once? Then come and join us at one of the highlights of every Olympic event: the Opening Ceremony!

Bring your teammates, friends, or family and celebrate the beginning of the Special Olympics World Games 2023 at the Olympiastadion Berlin. You can find further information about the Opening Ceremony here.

How does it work? After registering for the Fans in the Stands program, we will share a discount code with you. With that code, you can get 20% off the tickets when buying Standard or Concession tickets for our Opening Ceremony in our ticket shop.

You don’t have to bring the whole team to the Opening Ceremony, you can also visit the games by yourself or bring your family. Feel free to share the discount code with your loved ones and get them to experience the world's largest inclusion movement!

Many more offers will follow in the coming months leading up to the Games!

Questions or comments? Contact us!

We are here for you

We will put together a customized visitor package for you and your fan team. We are also there for you on site and help you with the check-in, finding your seat and all other steps to make your day at the SO World Games a great experience.


All our venues are accessible, and we have a variety of accessible services on offer. Our accessibility FAQ can be found here. If you have questions in the meantime, please be in touch.

Frequently asked questions

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