Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Arthur's Blog

The picture shows Arthur Hackenthal at his workplace in the local organizing committee of the World Games. He is wearing a headset and is operating his laptop.

Hello! I am Arthur Hackenthal and I am 23 years old.
I have been working at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 since February 2022 and I really enjoy it.
In my blog I give you insights into my everyday life.


Do you aready know „Die drei ???"

The photo shows Arthur Hackenthal wearing a "Die Drei ???"-sweater.

I am a fan of ‘Die drei ???’ and have about 80 CDs. On 13.11.2022 I was in the Mercedes-Benz Arena and saw the voice actors perform an episode live. That was really great.

‘Die drei ???’ are detectives and solve every case. Justus Jonas has a memory like an elephant, Peter Shaw is the sporty detective and Bob Andrews is responsible for the archives.

I can only recommend ‘Die drei ???’. You will love it.


The Volunteers

I really liked that I had a lot of fun with the volunteers at the National Games and had interesting conversations.

The Games were also very funny because the volunteers were a colorful group.

In the photo, three volunteers can be seen from behind during the Opening Ceremony of the National Games. Their T-shirts say "Ich helfe gerne" which translates to "I am happy to help".

The volunteers were able to do many different tasks, get used to the tasks and become more and more confident.

For example, sorting cables, cleaning the tablets for the Healthy Athletes program, or announcing a show act on stage at the SO Festival.

As a volunteer, you can do and unpack a lot of things or be on shift in the service area.

It was also really exhausting at times, and we had to do a lot of work and prepare everything. But we managed it.


The National Games 2022 & Special Olympics World Games 2023

All athletes had fun and the National Games were very nice. Hopefully this year's Special Olympics World Games will be huge.

The photo shows Arthur Hackenthal with his girlfriend dancing at the Brandenburg Gate. Both seem very cheerful and relaxed.

The National Games were a big success and for the Special Olympics World Games, the goal is clear: Inclusion. And everyone can participate, even if you come from other countries. That doesn't matter.

I liked that I was a part of the National Games, that so many volunteers took part, and that all the athletes had fun and enjoyed themselves. I also really enjoyed driving all over the city and being at different venues.

Come to the Special Olympics World Games and be a part of something big. Inclusion is a big thing here. But what I like most is that my hometown Berlin is a beautiful setting for the Special Olympics World Games.


The Olympiastadion Berlin

The photo shows Arthur Hackenthal on a media seat of Hertha BSC, which is usually occupied during the press conference. He is completely dressed in fan gear.

On 05.11.2022 I was at the Olympiastadion for Hertha Berlin against Bayern Munich. I got a guided tour of the stadium and was in the players' dressing room, on the coach's bench and in the VIP area.

I took photos with Herthinho, the Hertha mascot and I was able to hold a small press conference in the media room.

The stadium is very nice and big. You have to take a good look at the stadium during the Opening Ceremony.

In the photo, Arthur Hackenthal is standing together with Hertha BSC's mascot in front of the Olympic Stadium. Both are pointing their thumbs up.


Until next time,