Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

International delegations arrive in Germany

The picture shows the arrival of the delegation from Puerto Rico. 3 athletes are smiling, singing and dancing with a tambourine in their hands.
Special Olympics World Games 2023 Schönefeld 12.06.2023 Ankunft der Delegationen / Teams am Flughafen BER Team USA Foto: Tilo Wiedensohler/camera4
Tilo Wiedensohler/Tilo Wiedensohler/camera4

A warm welcome! Delegations from all over the world are currently arriving not only in Berlin, but at many airports and train stations throughout Germany. All of them are welcomed by their respective host town.

Beaming faces as far as the eye can see. Colorful posters and banners with welcome messages are raised in the air in jubilation. It is a very special atmosphere and the athletes and coaches enjoy the attention, the warm welcome and the applause.

For some, the excitement is written all over their faces, because for many it was their first flight, their first trip abroad. But what prevails: the anticipation of the upcoming Special Olympics World Games.

The photo shows the arrival of the Pakistan delegation to the World Games Berlin 2023 at Berlin Airport. In the front of the picture are 2 young women wearing green tracksuits, smiling happily into the camera.
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The photo shows a young participant of the US delegation warmly embracing the Special Olympics mascot, UNITY.
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The photo shows representatives of the Host Town Bremen hosting the delegation of the USA for a few days before the World Games. They are holding various homemade pictures decorated with welcome messages and cheering into the camera.
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The photo shows the arrival of the athletes from Singapore, who are just coming out of the airport through the doors with their luggage, looking very happy.
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The photo shows several members of the US delegation after their arrival at Berlin airport. There are 7 participants in total, each with their arms on their neighbour's shoulders and smiling. A blonde woman is waving a small American flag.
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The photo shows the American delegation after their arrival at the airport. They appear joyful.
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The photo shows representatives of the Host Town Wurzen hosting the delegation of Gambia for a few days before the World Games. They show signs with the official symbols of the World Games and the country Gambia and smile into the camera.
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Almost 190 delegations from all corners of the world are currently arriving in Germany – and that is already a few days before the big Opening Ceremony in the Olympiastadium Berlin officially kicks off the event.

From 12 to 15 June, they will be staying in their respective Host Towns, get to know different cities and communities, and celebrate various festivals of encounter. The goal: to create sustainable inclusive structures not only in Berlin, but throughout Germany, and to raise awareness for Special Olympics.



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31 July 2023, 10:40
An unforgettable journey lies behind us. Together we have taken the Special Olympics movement another step forward, given Germany and Berlin an important push for more inclusion and created moments for eternity. And for that, we want to thank you one last time.

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28 June 2023, 16:24
With a brilliant fireworks display in the Berlin summer sky and the extinguishing of the flame, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 came to a glorious close last Sunday. It was the end of the Games, but by no means the finale in terms of what needs to be done for inclusion.

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27 June 2023, 11:32
Our volunteers in their distinctive purple shirts were everywhere. Without them, the Special Olympics World Games would not have been such a great success for everyone. Therefore, they deserve a huge thank you!