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17-25 June 2023

Special Olympics at the Champions Gala in Berlin

The photo shows Special Olympics athletes at the Champions Gala 2022 in Berlin. Everyone looks joyful.
Foto Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 / Jörg Brüggemann
Jörg Brüggemann / Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

During the Champions Gala, which took place on 3 December with 1,200 invited guests, our athletes had the honor of handing over the coveted trophies to Berlin's sports people of the year and to present the Special Olympics movement.

At the Champions Gala, the sports metropolis Berlin is celebrating their athletes of the year: chosen by the readers, listeners and viewers of the most important Berlin media as well as a jury of experts.

The categories are female athlete of the year, male athlete of the year, team of the year and coach of the year.

On the photo you can see all participants of the Champions Gala in Berlin with a bear.
Nadine Baethke

This year, some Special Olympics athletes had the honor of handing over the trophies: The two track and field athletes Lilly Binder and Heidi Kuder presented the award to the track and field athlete Gina Lückenkemper.

Cyclist Robert Herberg gave the trophy to Berlin's male athlete of the year: the cyclist Simon Geschke.

Footballer Vincent Grüneberg presented Union Berlin with the award for team of the year and Mohammad Hammoudeh, footballer as well, awarded Urs Fischer as coach of the year.

On top of that, the Special Olympics movement was presented to the audience by Sven Albrecht, Managing Director of Special Olympics Germany and the World Games Organizing Committee:

The photo shows Sven Albrecht being interviewed by the presenter at the Champions Gala.
Nadine Baethke

"The honoring of the Berlin champions is an annual highlight in Berlin's sports calendar. Next year, the Special Olympics World Games will be another highlight. For us, the World Games are a milestone in creating more visibility and participation for people with intellectual disabilities.

The fact that Special Olympics will be integrated into the Champions Gala is also a step toward greater inclusion. And who knows, maybe one day Special Olympics athletes will be honored here."

The memory of this great Champions Gala evening will stay with our athletes and Special Olympics team forever.


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