Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

This was the first day of the Games in Berlin

Simon Jakus is happy and satisfied with his performance.
Simon Jakus of Slovakia Table Tennis / Tischtennis Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, 18.06.2023 Photo: Marvin Ibo Guengoer
Marvin Ibo Guengoer/Marvin Ibo Guengoer

The first competition day of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 is behind us. It was full of athletic ambition, good mood and many new experiences. Here you can find a selection of our pictures and videos of the day.

Our athletes competed in a total of 16 out of 26 sports today.

The photo shows a Special Olympics rhythmic gymnastics athlete. She is waving a bright yellow flag and looks very concentrated.
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Coaches and teammates cheer on the team.
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Die Athleten treten gegeneinander in der Sportart Badminton an.
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 Wai from Hong Kong celebrating the  very first gold medal  of the special olympics world games 2023 with big smile on her face.
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On the photo an Italien athlete is playing badminton.
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One male and three female gymnasts posing to the camera with a smile on their face with audience behind their back
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South African football player in green and while jersey getting close to the ball while being chased by two German football players in red jerseys and black shorts.
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Two athletes smile for the camera.
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You want to know when your favorite sports are taking place and how the competitions turned out?

All detailed schedules and as soon as they are fixed also all results are available here:


The photo shows a rhythmic gymnastics athlete with her medal in hand. She smiles into the camera.


The first medals have already been distributed in gymnastics-rhythmic amid great jubilation in the Sommergarten of Messe Berlin.

An overview of the award ceremonies schedule can be found here.


You want more information about individual athletes?

Here you can search for your favorites:



And now we say goodbye with the most beautiful shots of the day:

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#Berlin2023: Day 1


Recent news

Berlin 2023 team says thank you and see you soon!

31 July 2023, 10:40
An unforgettable journey lies behind us. Together we have taken the Special Olympics movement another step forward, given Germany and Berlin an important push for more inclusion and created moments for eternity. And for that, we want to thank you one last time.

Successful Games and responsibility for everyday life

28 June 2023, 16:24
With a brilliant fireworks display in the Berlin summer sky and the extinguishing of the flame, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 came to a glorious close last Sunday. It was the end of the Games, but by no means the finale in terms of what needs to be done for inclusion.

Extraordinary commitment – our volunteers at the Games

27 June 2023, 11:32
Our volunteers in their distinctive purple shirts were everywhere. Without them, the Special Olympics World Games would not have been such a great success for everyone. Therefore, they deserve a huge thank you!