Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Great collaborations for inclusive merchandise designs

In the photo there are several people showing their results of the inclusive design workshop. They all look joyful.

The motto of our merchandise collections is: Colorful together! And that is exactly what was demonstrated at inclusive design workshops. Sweatbands and socks were created together, which will soon be available in our webshop.

The participants of the inclusive design workshop Juliana Rößler, Monique Weckert, Dana Plöger, Jessica Jasmin and Reynaldo Montoya glued, painted, designed and tried things out.

The joyful group started their design journey with fashion designer Sema Gedik, who is the founder of the label "Auf Augenhöhe" (translates to "on eye level"). Together they designed headbands and sweatbands that fit all sizes.

Sema Gedik is no stranger to inclusion. Her Label "Auf Augenhöhe" is the first company to develop clothing sizes specifically for people of small stature.

Political statement socks

The second part of the creative workshop was led by Alexander Nicolaus, founder of "MSTRY". With his start-up, he puts important statements on sustainably produced socks.

The picture shows people at the designer workshop holding up their results: colorful socks.

And to change the world a bit for the better, 1 euro of each sock purchased is also donated to socially relevant initiatives.

The workshop participants talked about relevant values and messages around the topic of inclusion, which will later be present on the socks.

Both fashion designers went home with many new ideas and designs from the participants, ready to get to work.

We are very excited to see what the final results will look like.



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