Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Colorful train rolls through Berlin as our ambassador

The photo shows the German athlete Robert Herberg and the Olympic champion Katarina Witt posing in front of the S-Bahn decorated in the World Games design.
Nadine Baethke

Berlin and Brandenburg have a new eye-catcher: a fully branded S-Bahn in the design of the Special Olympics World Games is taking off. From now until the end of our event, the colorful train is on regular service as the S5.

On 9 March 2023, the train started at the station Olympiastadion and is now on the S-Bahn rails through Berlin and Brandenburg.

Many Special Olympics athletes from town celebrated this event together with political figures and member of the World Games team at the train station Olympiastadion – the very place where the grand Opening Ceremony will take place on 17 June.

"I am very pleased that we are attracting even more attention to the Games in Berlin with the S-Bahn in World Games design," says Robert Herberg. The cyclist was not only a gold medal winner at the last World Games in Abu Dhabi in 2019, but can now also be seen as a motif on the S-Bahn. Robert Herberg will also be part of the German delegation this summer.

In the photo you can see the stickered suburban train of the World Games. In the foreground you can see the sign Olympic Stadium of the stop
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The photo shows Robert Herberg in front of the stickered S-Bahn. He is giving the thumbs up and smiling.
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On the photo you can see the stickered S-Bahn at the Olympiapark
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On the photo you can see the athletes and LOC staff in front of the stickered S-Bahn at the Olympiapark. They look cheerful
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In the photo, athletes can be seen in the stickered S-Bahn.
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On the photo you can see Arthur. He is standing in front of the stickered S-Bahn on which he is pictured.
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The partnership with the S-Bahn supported by the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) is also worthwhile for all participants of the Games as the entire Berlin public transport may be used free of charge during the stay. Visitors benefit, too, because the purchase of a ticket includes free travel to and from the event by public transport on the day of validity.

"Inclusion is an important topic in our city and through this partnership people will become aware of this great event and the concerns of people with an intellectual disability," says Dr. Nicola Böcker-Giannini, State Secretary for Sport at the Senate Department for the Interior, Digitalization and Sport.

Dear people of Berlin and Brandenburg. From now on, let us all be on the lookout for the most colorful and – in our opinion – most beautiful S-Bahn!


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