Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Good spirits and lots of fun at the family program

The photo shows mother Antje Röske with her daughter Tamara, who is an athlete at the World Games in Berlin. The two hold each other in their arms and look happily into the camera.

The Family Program of the Games is very well received. More than 5,000 people from all over the world have signed up for it and are cheering on their relatives at the competitions. They also have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences at various events.

Antje Röske from Stuttgart, Germany, is full of praise for the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023: "Hats off to the organizers and the many hard-working helpers. It's all very well organized and definitely not to be missed. It is unique for me to experience and feel this," she says.

She has come to Berlin to support her daughter Tamara Röske. The young athlete explains that she is determined to win a medal in athletics.

Tamara competes in the long jump, the 100-meter race and the 4x100 relay. Antje takes her daughter in her arms, looks at her and says: "You're going to have to work really hard." Tamara acknowledges this with a confident nod.

The photo shows the family of Emma Costello from Ireland, who traveled to Berlin to support her. They are holding up a large green poster for Emma.

Those who participate in the Family Program have access to all sporting events, can use public transport in Berlin free of charge and have been invited to the Family Reception at Berlin Zoo. And there are special Family Lounges at all sports venues for a break.

Emma Costello from Dublin, Ireland, has brought an entire fan club with her to Berlin. The 23-year-old is competing in the 400-meter race and the long jump. Her parents John and Siabhan Costello are taking part in the Special Olympics World Games and are in Berlin for the first time.

They will stay in the city for eight days. "It's all really great here. We especially liked the very nice Opening Ceremony," says Siabhan. "The community of athletes and families at the Games is also something very beautiful and special."

The photo shows Maria Reresa Parilla Gomez, the mother of an athlete and a participant in the family program at the World Games in Berlin.

The way of Maria Reresa Parilla Gomez to Berlin was quite far. She came here from Puerto Rico to support her daughter Roselyn Morales Parrilla at the athletics competitions.

This is her first time in Berlin and she noticed something special: "In Puerto Rico we always go by car. Here in Berlin, people walk on the street. This is so much fun for me. At home, I will definitely tell people about it," she says.

What Maria will remember, too, is a very nice Opening Ceremony: "That was really great. Such a great atmosphere and good mood everyhwere."


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