Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

When excitement rises, training is the best distraction

The photo shows a swimmer at the training day. She is beaming in the face.

One day before the big Opening Ceremony in the Olympiastadion, the athletes familiarize themselves with the competition venues for the first time. On freshly cleaned courts, fields and mats, the final training can begin.

It is a novelty for Special Olympics World Games, a good step for more professionalism: all delegations had the opportunity to train today at their already fully equipped competition venue. And this new offer was accepted with much enthusiasm.

The picture shows the Spanish coach Juan, as he attentively follows the final training of his protégés on the clay court.

At the Tennis Club Brandenburg e.V., for example, the crisp sound of a tennis ball being hit full could be heard from afar. On court 2, the Spanish tennis team is preparing intensively for the tournament starting on Sunday.

On the sidelines stands their coach Juan, who gives a few hints to his players with a concentrated and calm tone.

This is how he assesses his team's chances: "With the current Spanish champion and a multiple Special Olympics medalist, we have a strong team and are looking forward to the tournament."

A few meters away, there is a lot of hustle and bustle on two adjacent courts. With more than 10 people, the German team is one of the largest groups in tennis, including athletes with and without disabilities competing together in Unified Sports®.

The photo shows a female table tennis player. She seems to be concentrated.
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On the photo you can see a tennis player. She is standing in front of the tennis court and is happy.
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On the photo there are athletes in front of the badminton sign. They look happy
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Das Foto zeigt den Hauptplatz (Center Court) der Tennisanlage. Es ist ein schöner Sandplatz umgeben von blauen Seitenaufstellern mit dem Logo der Special Olympics. Die Sonne scheint ein bisschen.
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The photo shows an athlete riding a bicycle. He looks concentrated.
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Two teams from different countries sitting together, boosting each others spirit and celebrate together.
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In the photo you can see SO Germany tennis players athlete. They are training on the tennis court
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The photo shows athletes playing badminton. They join hands to cheer together.
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Sophie is also watching the hustle and bustle on the well-prepared court. But the German national player is taking it easy: "I am taking a break today, because the last few days have been very nice, but also very exhausting. Tomorrow I'll attack again and on Sunday we will start."

She must know how it goes, after all, she has already won a bronze medal at the last Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi.

Our athletes were also busy in almost all other sports today. You can see some nice impressions here:

They all have one thing in common: great anticipation for the Opening Ceremony and the start of the competitions. Berlin can look forward to great sports and to when we say "Game, Set, Match: Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023!"

Details on all sports and schedules are available here.


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