Countdown to the Games
17-25 June 2023

Our athletes model for VOGUE Germany

The photo shows three athletes who were photographed for VOGUE.
© Neda Rajabi für VOGUE Germany

What an honor: Special Olympics athletes Heidi Kuder, Natascha Wermelskirchen and Tamara Röske are featured in the June issue of VOGUE Germany, which is available in stores and online from today on.

The first rays of spring sunshine appeared in the Rudolf-Harbig-Halle, the national athletics training center right next to the Berliner Olympiastadion, where the big Opening Ceremony will take place on 17 June.

The photo shows an athlete in make-up before the VOGUE shoot. She looks relaxed and joyful.

Besides the first rays of sunshine shining through the window, there was excitement and curiosity: the photo shoot with German VOGUE, with athletes Heidi Kuder, Natascha Wermeskirchen and Tamara Röske, was coming up.

With a lot of attention to detail, the athletes were photographed in a mix of current designer collections and sportswear. But first, of course, it was time for hair, make-up and fittings.

All three athletes will actively participate in the Games in Berlin. Heidi Kuder will compete in athletics, Natascha Wermelskirchen as a goalkeeper for the German national football team and Tamara Röske, who is already experienced as a model and actress, will also compete in athletics.

It's my big dream to win a medal. I would like to take first place, but if not, that's not so bad – I'll take second place!
The photo shows Tamara Roeske an athlete at the VOGUE shoot.
Tamara Röske
Athlete and VOGUE model

Fashion meets sport

The VOGUE shooting aims to promote the visibility of athletes with intellectual disabilities:

The photo shows an athletes and the team during a short break at the shoot with Vogue. They are in a good mood and looking at pictures on the camera.

"In Germany, the general attention for sports is great. Through our shoot with the three athletes from the German delegation, we want to contribute to broadening the perspective and, through the explicit fashion context, also to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas, because especially in the fashion environment this does not yet take place naturally enough," says Maria Hunstig, Features Director VOGUE Germany.

The June issue of VOGUE Germany with the feature on the three Special Olympics athletes is available in stores and online from 30 May 2023 under the title "Unterwegs". There is also a nice online article (German on, but also available in Leichte Sprache) including the profile of the three athletes.


You can also get more impressions of the shoot here:


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